Wednesday, 23 March 2016


How you connect your TOTAL STREAMS TV box to a TV:
While connecting your TV to TOTAL STREAM TV box you should follow the following steps.
1: Connect HDMI cord (provided) to Total Stream Box and other end into TV.
2: Put 2 X AAA batteries into Total Stream Box Remote then Turn your TV on.
3: Turn on Total Stream Box by pressing power button on remote
4: Once Total Stream Box boots up you may turn your TV’s volume up and use the Total Stream Box for volume control as well.
How it actually works:
It is a Smart TV Box which is powered by Android (Kit Kat), it plugs directly into the High Definition port of the person’s existing High Definition Television then it turns the old TV into a Home computer which is fully functional and has a wide screen and that is capable of performing all the tasks that a computer can perform. The person can enjoy watching different matches like he/she can watch  and is able to enjoy much more than that. He/she can play games enjoy dramas and movies too. A person who has total Streams TV Box in his home can enjoy all the facilities of the computer from the comfort of sofa as well. Total streams TV basically transforms the old era’s televisions in to a technologically advanced computer.
Total streams TV has many benefits in this era. A person who is using the total streaming TV box is able to turn his/her old computer or television into a technologically advanced computer which fully functional and has a wider and high definitional picture. If a football lover wants to watch LIVE FOOTBALL MATCHES IN UK he/ she have just to connect to the total streams TV and he can easily enjoy the match.
  Let’s talk about some benefits of the Total streams TV:
 Switch on any channel:
The person who is using the Total streams TV can switch to any channel he is willing to watch. He /she can watch dramas, movies and live matches etc.
Low Buffering:
By using the total stream live the person can enjoy the high definition picture in low buffering. For instance if a person who is watching the  LIVE FOOTBALL MATCHES IN UK  and wants a clear and high definitional picture quality , Total  streams TV offers all the facilities to that person.
Easy to use:
 Total streams TV is very easy to use. You just have to attach the total stream box to your old computer and it will change your old pc to a new one and can enjoy watching live streaming of matches. E.g. watching LIVE FOOTBALL MATCHES IN UK.
 Easy to use for kids.
            Nowadays kids want to enjoy all the games. Through total stream live kids can download many games like candy crush saga, bubble switch saga, need for speed and any game they want to enjoy. Another benefit of this is that the picture quality has less eye side effects than other typical televisions.
Match live streaming:
 A person who is a match lover for instance he watches LIVE FOOTBALL MATCHES IN UK. He won’t face any hurdle in watching the match. The picture will be good as compared to the Ordinary Televisions and he won’t miss any moment of the match.

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  1. Let’s talk something about Total Streams TV, it is the small box which can transform any type of TV into a very powerful Media and fully fledged operational TV! You can watch and download your favorite movies, TV shows, sports, and music with no monthly fees and cataracts.
    If you want to watch matches online you can go for it, for instance if a football match Lover wants to watch LIVE FOOTBALL MATCHES IN UK as well. The user can watch the LIVE FOOTBALL MATCHES IN UK online without missing any scene of the match. As we are living in the technically advanced era, today no one can avoid the benefits of the technology. One of the blessings in this era is Total Streams TV.